Line Bøgh

Line Bøgh is an alternative pop composer, based in Copenhagen. She combines a warm songwriter sound with heavy choir arrangements and electronic elements such as vocal loops, omnichord and keyboard sounds. Her two albums ”Something Else and Something Else and Something Else Again” (2015) and “Like Fire Like Fire” (2017) received much praise in both Denmark and Germany.

Most of her songs are written and pre-produced in Surogaten, Hedehusene. Surrogaten is a workspace for many visual artists and musicians outside Copenhagen, and it’s located in some old factories that used to produce surrogate coffee during World War II. Line shares a workspace there with her boyfriend Christian Gundtoft, who is a visual artist, and who also contributes to Line’s projects. He is the visual part of “The Visual Tours”, he produces music videos, and he also painted the cover for the album “Like Fire, Like Fire”

THE VISUAL TOURS: Since 2017 Line have been touring with the visual artist Christian Gundtoft. They have a pretty original liveshow combining her music with drawings and animations. While she plays, live visuals are being projected directly up on the stage, and Line becomes “part of the painting”. The stories of the songs are being told through the drawings, and it creates a quite special and cinematic concert experience. (Choose “Tour” in the menu for concert dates)

*********(9/10) – Melodie und Rhythmus
“Line Bøgh offers us an interesting combination” – Good Because Danish
“A tender mixture of piano sounds, pop hooks and a certain poetry” – NBHAP
“Like Fire, Like Fire” is definitely a very matching soundtrack for autumn” – Good Because Danish
“Jaunty melodies and lovely instrumentation” – Nordic Music Review
“Like Fire, Like Fire” er eksperimenterende, har en skæv og kunstnerisk kant, og Line’s finurlige stemme bidrager til at skabe et nærmest magisk univers” **** – Femina
“Tankestrøm i rustikke toner” – Alt for Damerne